NZQA Provider Services

Accredited NZQA Providers and TEOs

Edbiz can support you in all aspects of being an accredited NZQA Provider and TEO.

We provide advice to Owners, Management and QA Staff in Tertiary Education Organisations (TEOs) including PTEs and support them in reviewing and establishing business, management and administration systems and quality assurance processes.

We specialise in PTE Management and offer PTE Consultancy and Advisory services which we design around your specific needs.

Edbiz Associates can support NZQA Providers in a number of ways.

We prefer to work alongside you to support your:

  • Approach to Evaluative Quality Assurance
  • Planning and New Developments
  • Development of  Teaching & Assessment Resources
  • Staff Training, Professional Development and Mentoring – Appraisal, Review & Development
  • Programme Advisory Groups – Independent QA & Education Sector Experience
  • Management Induction & Orientation Programme
  • Programme Management – Evaluation, Monitoring & Review
  • Train the Trainer and Assessor Training Courses

What does Edbiz Offer NZQA Providers?

“Edbiz can provide help and solutions that will save you time and free up resources so you can focus your efforts on making a positive impact on your student’s lives”

Edbiz Associates have worked within a wide range of NZQA Providers and PTEs offering a huge selection of courses and programmes, providing graduates for thousands of different businesses and industries since 1989.

We have been directly involved with some of these NZQA Providers as Teaching Staff, Quality Assurance Staff and Managers, responsible for several million dollars of tax payer funding at any one time and the one thing that we are certain of is, “There will be change and that change will need to lead to improvements on past performance and effectiveness!”

Edbiz thrives and prides itself on how we can support NZQA Providers through the various changes directed by NZQA and TEC as they respond to direction and policy from the NZ government of the time.

There is no definitive list of how Edbiz can support NZQA Providers as we are always finding new ways that we can add value to your businesses. To give you an idea of what we have done in the past for NZQA Providers we have expanded the initial list that we provided above.

Approach to Evaluative Quality Assurance

  • Advise on PTE Ongoing Registration Criteria & Requirements
  • Independent assessment and moderation services
  • Establishing an Evaluative Approach to your Quality Assurance
  • Establishing your Self Assessment Processes
  • Independent Evaluation & Review Services

Planning and New Developments

  • Advice and Input (NZQA & TEC Considerations) for Projects and Planning
  • Providing Advisory Group Facilitation and Education Sector Input
  • Writing your NZQA – Course Approvals & Accreditation
  • Researching and Writing TEC – Applications for Funding

Development of Teaching & Assessment Resources

  • Design and writing of all your Teaching Resources and Learner Workbooks
  • Development of Assessment Materials or Assessment Guides
  • Review and Development of Courses and Programmes of Study

Staff Training, Professional Development and Mentoring

  • Independent Appraisal, Review & Development of Training Plans
  • Train the Trainer & Tutor Training Short Courses
  • Assessor Training and Assessment Designer Training
  • Moderator Training
  • NZQA Provider Role Specific Training (QA, Admin and Support Staff)

Programme Management – Evaluation, Monitoring, Review & Development

  • Facilitation and Independent Input of Programme or Course Reviews
  • Development of Improvements and new Resources
  • Programme Advisory Groups – Independent QA & Education Sector Experience

Management and QA Staff – Induction & Orientation Programme

  • Practical Support, Guidance and Mentoring for new Managers and QA Staff
  • Facilitation of Training Plans
  • Provision of Adult Education and Training courses
  • Management Coaching Package

Non Accredited Education Organisations and Businesses

Edbiz also works with organisations involved in educating adult learners who need access to NZQA Provider accreditation. We facilitate third party arrangements (MOUS) and can provide QA management services for those arrangements on behalf of the NZQA Provider.

What else can Edbiz do to support Non Accredited Organisations and businesses?

Edbiz also provides support to those organisations who need to access NZQA accreditation for their adult learners. Quite often, the organisations that we help are Community Trusts and Business who provide in-house training for their staff and want to offer unit standards (that sit under the NZQA rather than an industry) within their training plans, as they cannot access ITO training agreements in the areas that they deliver.

Memorandums of Understanding Services (MOUs)

If you have existing MOUs and find that it costs you valuable time and energy making sure that the third party organisation meets your QMS requirements, just give Edbiz a call and we can manage the arrangement for you.

Do you need to access an NZQA Providers Accreditation?

If you need access to accreditation to report specific unit standards to NZQA, Edbiz can establish and manage MOUs between an accredited Provider and your organisation.

Your organisation will be able to operate under their scope of accreditation to extend the unit standards you can offer your students. This service is suited for temporary arrangements until you register yourself as a NZQA Provider or develop permanent relationships with another NZQA Provider.