Assessment & Moderation Services

Edbiz can help by supporting your internal and external moderation systems or providing access to our moderators to conduct your internal pre-assessment moderation or post-assessment moderation for you.

Our independent moderation services are designed to provide professional development opportunities for your assessors as well as offering help with moderating units, supporting workloads and meeting your compliance requirements.

We can work with you to manage assessment at your organisation, starting with your annual internal assessment and moderation plans and supporting your staff with submitting your external moderation plans to all the standard setting bodies that are responsible for the standards within your scope of accreditation.

Moderation is part of the assessment system and can be organised so that the moderation activities do not become a drain to your resources, but rather an effective process to identify good assessor practice and provide professional development opportunities for any assessors who may need additional help to meet internal and external stakeholder requirements.

Our moderators can provide independent input into the assessor practice within your organisation. We conduct post-assessment moderation across a range of completed assessment samples from each assessor. We provide the internal moderation reports for your compliance requirements and can also design a professional development plan for your assessors.

In the first instance, please give us a call to see how we can help your organisation with moderation.

Our aim is to partner with your organisation to design and provide the moderation services you need and to do this we have found that we normally end up customising solutions that may include parts or all of our standardised moderation services.

Advisory Moderation Services

Edbiz can help set up your annual internal and external moderation plans with you. We can also manage your plans by providing support to your Moderation Coordinator or Principal’s Nominee. One of our Moderators could also manage your internal and external moderation requirements for you alongside your staff.

The benefit for you and your assessors is that you get access to an independent professional who will use moderation to develop and continually improve your assessment practices.

Internal Moderation Services – Commercial Material

Edbiz can offer access to our network of moderators for existing businesses that are offering assessment design services or supplying assessment materials to the education sector and are looking to have their assessment material go through an independent pre-assessment moderation process.

Internal Moderation Services – Training Providers, Schools and Industry Training Organisations

Edbiz can provide independent internal pre-assessment and post-assessment moderation for your organisation.

If you are writing your own assessments, we can have a moderator allocated to your organisation who will be able to help you develop a robust system to moderate your assessment materials.

Edbiz can also moderate a sample range from your assessors. The aim of this service is to provide you with constructive feedback and analysis, which will lead to a professional development plan for your organisation and a compliant and effective internal moderation system.

Supporting Provider & ITO Moderators

We can help manage the workload and provide additional support and guidance to help your internal moderators in your organisation. This can happen when you get new staff or have a gap between moderators.

The aim of this service to support what is already in place, and coach moderators so that they can manage your moderation processes in time and assist with their workload.

This may include coaching, or our advisory service, or we can do the moderation work for your organisation until you are back up to speed.

Find out more about our Moderator Training courses.

External Moderation Services

Edbiz can also help you prepare and collate your external moderation samples for NZQA and/or the Industry Training Organisations. A lot of external moderation issues start with the NZQA Provider not submitting a complete or well presented and easy to follow package for the external moderator.

It can be a case of spending an hour or so to get it right and having someone take a look at it before it gets sent off by your Principal’s Nominee or QA person.