Edbiz has developed membership packages to make it easier to access some of our quick response services. We put these packages together so that you can benefit from our core member services without having to pay for each little transaction every time you use those services.

Customised Membership Packages

Edbiz can provide you with a supportive and affordable package of our services to meet the needs of your organisation. We can incorporate any of our services and train the trainer and assessor training courses in your customised package. Contact us today for more information.

Membership Benefits

e-Advisory Line

As we are working in the industry and alongside our clients, we have built up an extensive knowledge base that can save you time and money. We make our knowledge base available to Edbiz members as part of our core membership offer. 

Our e-advisory line we can help around PTE and NZQA related issues and requirements, while pointing you in the right direction or refer you to services that can solve your problems or concerns. As a free service to Edbiz members, you have access to a range of consultants, managers and assessors working through Edbiz. 

Clients include a set number of e-Advisory emails in their membership package and Edbiz will respond in person or reply by email depending on the nature of the request. 

As this is a popular service, additional batches of e-Advisory emails can be purchased separately or added to your Edbiz Membership package.

Brokerage Services

Edbiz an offer you additional services through a number of existing businesses. This service requires an initial consultation to identify your needs and to develop a strategy to meet requirements.

If Edbiz believes that you would be better served by an existing business in our network which offers the specialist services you need, or if we cannot offer our services in a particular area, we will engage that business on your behalf. Our aim is to offer the service through Edbiz at the same cost to you as if you were dealing directly with the other business. 

Referral Services

Edbiz provides a referral service for clients who do not wish to track down and engage contracted services. This is generally an involved and time-consuming task. At Edbiz we are have an extensive knowledge of the services offered to the education sector and we would like to share this with you through our referral service. 

This service is offered for free to Edbiz members as part of our core services to you.   

Discounted Rates

Edbiz Members are eligible for discount rates. Discounts vary depending on which package your organisation is on. 

Edbiz Network

Edbiz Members will be listed, advertised and promoted online on the Edbiz website in the advertising space allocated. This will allow members to share highlights and events that will benefit the Edbiz membership network. This is a free service, offered on request by members and made available on a first in first served basis, subject to availability. 

Money Forward Guarantee

Edbiz offers a full Money Forward Guarantee on all its membership packages. If you decide to upgrade your membership package, Edbiz will credit the amount that you have spent on your existing membership package towards the price of the new membership package regardless of how long you have held the membership package for. 

My edAdvisor

Edbiz offers edAdvisor to management staff in education organisations who need to be able to put in a quick phone call to an Edbiz Associate who operates within the same sector of education as them for advice and direction. This service is especially helpful when you are preparing proposals, consulting with government agencies, designing courses or just as a ‘sounding board’ in your decision making. You can use our money forward guarantee to upgrade your My ed Advisor to the Edbiz Mentoring programme at any time.