NZQA Unit Standard 4098

Overview - 4098

Whether you need Assessor Training for yourself or a group of staff we will be able to organise the training and assessment required to achieve you NZQA Unit Standard 4098

Workshop (1-day)

Edbiz will come to your place with a course customised to your organisation, your staff, your Assessor requirements and assessment resources. We are passionate about Assessor Training and developing good assessor practice within the organisations that we work with. Edbiz will come to your place anywhere in NZ with an Assessor Training Course tailored for your organisation. 


Standard Price

1-day workshops are priced at $425 + GST per participant.

Workshop Information

We are passionate about Assessor Training and developing good assessor practice within the organisations that we work with.

Our 4098 workshops are fully customised and targeted to: 

  • ITO registered Workplace Assessors 
  • Adult Education Tutors 
  • Training Consultants 
  • On-the-Job Trainers 
  • Workplace Supervisors 

 Participants receive an Edbiz Assessor Study Guide; Assessor Toolkit CD-ROM; Document Folder; Edbiz Gift Pack. 

Subjects Covered

In Edbiz workshops, we make the learning as practical as possible by cutting out all the “fluffy stuff” and getting straight to the point. This makes the learning experience much more efficient, relevant and participative. 

You can expect to learn about the following topics. While the Study Guide provided by Edbiz is very comprehensive in these areas, workshops may only pick out the key points of some topics” 

  • The New Zealand Qualifications Framework 
  • Standard Setting Bodies 
  • Understanding Qualifications and Unit Standards 
  • Types of Assessment 
  • Assessment Methods 
  • The Significance of Pre-Moderation 
  • The Assessment Process 
  • ITO / Organisational Requirements 
  • The 12 Best Practice Assessment Principles 
  • Using Assessment Guides 
  • Evidence & Judgment Schedules 
  • Making Assessment Decisions 
  • Dealing with Tricky Situations 
  • Recording Assessment Decisions 
  • Providing Feedback 
  • Administrative Processes 

What Do I Need to Bring?

  • Participants will need access to pre-assessment moderated assessment materials. 
  • Participants must have at least one learner that is ready to be assessed against a standard. 
  • Candidate Assessors will need to be able to complete two real assessments with their candidates within 30 days of the workshop day. 

Special Note

Not all participants who engage in our assessor training work with NZQA, or unit standards. In these instances, Edbiz customises the learning and assessment to focus on the standards for which the assessors will be assessing against, whether these are international standards, industry standards, organisational standards, or standard operating procedures. 

We can build our courses to suit your needs—Just ask! 


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