Distance Learning

We understand that you cannot always get away for a 1–2 day training course or wait until the next public assessor course is organised in your region.

Our distance learning course solution allows you to get:

  • One-on-one coaching session with our experienced assessor trainers
  • Access to our course materials
  • A customised learning and assessment plan for your organisation

You can start your course when you need to, with the content you require – depending on the unit standards you need, your experience and prior knowledge.

We work with you to find and approve a person who can observe your assessments and provide evidence of your performance. This needs to be a person who holds Unit Standard 4098.

Register online if you wish to enrol for a distance learning course.

4098 Training Overview

Your coach will prepare you for your two real assessments in your workplace, training centre or school and you will submit a portfolio of evidence for assessment against Unit Standard 4098.

Other unit standards from the Assessment of Learning domain my be added to your assessment tasks if required.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Assessment
  • The Education System and Standards Based Assessment in NZ
  • The Assessment Process
  • Collecting Evidence & Assessment Material Design
  • How to Use Assessment Material
    • Assessment Guides and Evidence & Judgement Schedules
    • Common Assessment Tasks and Assessment Schedules
  • The Role of the Assessor and Organisation Assessment & Moderation requirements
  • Making Assessment Decisions
  • Providing Assessment Feedback
  • Reporting and Administration of Assessment
  • Assessment Review reflecting on Assessor Practice, Assessment Material and organisation context and procedures

Unit Standards Included

Our distance learning Assessor Training Courses provide the resources to meet the learning outcomes for:

4098 Use standards to assess candidate performance
11281* Prepare candidate(s) for assessment against standards
18203* Verify evidence for assessment

* Unit Standard 11281 v4 & Unit Standard 18203 are available on request for those who will be training to support an Assessor or become an Evidence Verifier.


You will not have to leave work to do your Online Assessor Training as the timeframes are meant to be flexible. If you commit approximately 40 hours to do all your learning and on-job practical activities and then complete the two assessments agreed, you can complete within 10 days.

You can plan the timeframes of your Online Assessor Training Course around the scheduled dates of the two assessments that you will be doing.

Our only requirement is that you need to have completed your assessment within 90 days of your start date.

Delivery Method

We have a series of online presentations and activities to deliver the knowledge required to be an Assessor in New Zealand. This is combined with 1 on 1 coaching sessions over the phone and email to provide clarification and reinforcement of your learning, extra support and direction and motivation to complete the course and assessments.

You will apply your knowledge in your workplace to work through the processes.

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Support Resources

Edbiz distance learning courses have support resouces that can be accessed for the following:

Assessor Training Support Resoures

Moderator Training Support Resoures

Special Notes

We work with adult educators and assessors who have different backgrounds in adult education ranging from those entering the education sector with no experience in assessing against unit standards to those who have been assessing under an accredited organisation for sometime.

We recognise prior learning and workplace experience. Contact us so we can customise your training to suit.

For those who have extensive experience with assessment we also offer an assessment of prior learning service.


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